Writing routine

I always wanted to be one of those writers who have a perfect writing routine. Someone who writes every day, writes pages of words that don't need editing every day, someone who is consistent and dedicated.

2 out of 4 isn't bad right? (Sounds like one of my high school maths tests!)

Fix your writing space up just the way you want it, you're the one who has to be in it!

It took a long time to create a consistent writing routine for me and an even longer time to stop comparing myself with those perfect routines. Someone elses' routine won't work for you because they're not you and vice versa. Shake off some of that Writer's Guilt, which is like Catholic Guilt but ink-stained, and let's create something that works for you!

Morning or night?

What time of day do you feel most productive? I'm a night owl, something about that deep silence that falls when everyone else is asleep helps me write. I tuck myself up with my laptop, whatever tipple is taking my fancy that week (right now it's salted caramel vodka and lemonade) a playlist and a scented candle. 

But if you're not a night owl then this time of day will feel like hell to you. Maybe you're a morning person who wakes early every day? Maybe mid-morning brings a break in your world and you finally have time to sit and write. 

Schedule days off

When I first started writing ARCHANGEL ONE after a long break in writing books I assumed that I needed to write every day or I'd lose my 'writer badge.' I tried so hard to write every single day but when I eventually fell off the wagon, the guilt slammed in. You don't have to write every day to be a writer. 

Schedule yourself days off to refresh yourself doing whatever you like. I like to schedule days off writing during mid-week. At this point I'm usually dog-tired from work and just want to sleep. I make sure to have days where my evenings consist of binge watching something, reading a book and getting as early a night as I can. Like I said, I'm a night owl so sometimes even those nights end up late! 

Get rid of distractions:

So it's one of your writing days and you've picked your best time of day. You sit down at the laptop and...immediately get distracted if you're me. I have to pick the right playlist obviously and this takes time. When you do pick it, then I have to skip that song...then that one. I have to just check Facebook, upload something to my Author page, check my Instagram - why have my followers gone down again - scroll through my feed, better share a photo. It's so easy to get distracted and before you know it an hour's gone and no words have appeared on the page. 

Make sure you have your playlist picked before you put your butt on your chair. I created a specific playlist for each book and set it going as I sit down. Turn off your data on your phone so you can't be tempted to just check Facebook or Insta. Set specific times of day to share something on your Insta, which will also help with your Insta boosting. Make sure these are not your writing times! Ditto with your Author page. Disconnect your internet from your laptop so it's just you and that blank page. 

These all helped me settle into a regular writing routine and hopefully they help you too! Don't feel guilty if you don't write every day - whether you do or don't, you're still a writer.