Blog Review - Through Her Eyes

Hi lovelies!

I was offered the chance to read THROUGH HER EYES, the debut novel from Sophie Fahy and honestly, I’d like to make it recommended reading for everyone.  When I first started building an Instagram presence for my book and finding other authors Sophie was someone who was just so welcoming and friendly. On a social media platform that is constantly calling you to compare, her account is one of encouragement and positivity towards everyone. I always smile when I see her posts!

Now, let me tell you why I love this book so much. Here’s the blurb:

Life is not always black and white, sometimes it’s a thousand shades of grey. Seventeen-year-old, beloved Alyssa Darlington has always been a party girl: quick-witted, fierce and very smart; with a strong future ahead of her. But after surviving a brutal attack at her best friend’s end-of-summer house party, the only thing that seems fitting for Alyssa, is revenge. And when this becomes her twisted reality, it’s easy for the shadows to take over. . After something so traumatic, Alyssa struggles to stay at the top of the social ladder – climbing to the top is hard – trying to stay there while, newly, partially blind, is even harder.There’s a weight upon her shoulders. Quietly searching for answers, Alyssa unlocks memories and reveals secrets that should have been buried.


THROUGH HER EYES is like Gossip Girl meets Thirteen Reasons. Thirteen Reasons because of the thought provoking content, the haunting mystery and the emotional gut punch it delivers. Gossip Girl because just like you daydream about Chuck and Blair, I found myself thinking about Alyssa when I was meant to be working! You’ll find yourself doing it too, trying to work out the mystery.

Alyssa starts her story at a party, drunk and out of it. She experiences a horrific assault and barely survives. When she wakes, her vision is so badly impaired that she’s practically blind. As someone whose worked with victims of attacks like this I found her writing absolutely spot on. I think it’s a very difficult area to write and to represent. Yesterday I was reading an article about the “misappropriation of misery” and how easy it was to write something traumatic and have it come off as gory or not deep enough. Sophie has avoided all of this and managed to create a vivid experience through Alyssa’s eyes. I could have been reading patient notes which was both scary and a testament to Sophie’s writing.

The story is literally through Alyssa’s eyes and while she has a lot of the Gossip Girl typical teenager characteristics she also has a lot more depth to her. The trauma happens very early on and she’s thrown into how to cope with that, as well as having to adjust to her changing role. Alyssa adjusts quickly but teenagers do. Teenagers and kids adjust much faster than we think they do and they mask their pain far better than we think too. Have you ever watched one of those hospital trauma shows? I love ‘24 Hours In ED’ and when you watch it you see these kids suddenly crash. It’s because they appear well when they’re very sick until they crash. A kid that looks well can still be very unwell. Alyssa gives off the same vibe – she looks like she’s adjusted very well but underneath it there’s a sense of an impending crash just waiting to happen.

THROUGH HER EYES should be optioned by Netflix because it is an edge-of-your-seat, 2am-but-I-have-to-know story. You might as well read it on a weekend because you won’t be getting any sleep once you’ve started! I thought I had a good handle on the mystery at first, had a suspect and was confident in my choice...until I turned the page.

Alyssa has flashbacks of that night which are superbly written but don’t do anything to help me find out who the attacker was! It is really one of those mysteries where you never know until the last page and when you DO know it throws you. At the same time though, the attacker made perfect sense and having come from that world professionally, it was also sadly familiar.

I think that’s what I love most about THROUGH HER EYES (besides the brilliant writing, the great characters and the non-stop mystery that is) Her experience is so vivid and authentic. It reminds me of so many of the stories I’ve heard before and I think it should be recommended not only for young adults but for anyone who works with youth. THROUGH HER EYES is one of those powerful novels and I’m so proud of Sophie for this!