Three Things Thursday

Writing this while currently puppysitting with a sleepy pup on my lap, it's been a good day so far!

Currently Reading:

I'm currently reading MEN AT ARMS by Terry Pratchett and loving every minute of it. Pratchett is possibly my favourite fantasy author and a master at worldbuilding - I'll be talking about him in my vlog this week!

This book is about the City Watch, Commander Vimes and suspicious murders going on in Ankh Morpork - well, more suspicious than the normal amount of murders anyway.

Currently Listening:

Listening to CATCH THE WIND by Donovan on my writing playlist at the moment. Feeling in that kind of 60's hippie lets-try-and-change-the-world peacefully vibe at the moment and always love a song that tells a story. This song is about wishing things were different but accepting that right now they aren't the way you want them to be.

Currently Watching:

Still on my rerun of Blake's 7, almost at the end of Season 1. Already crying about losing the first Space Commander Travis even though I know it means Brian Croucher is about to turn up.

Also watching Heartbeat Season 3 and loving the more dramatic storylines at the moment. Still can't warm to Kate Rowan but it's a fun, warm and friendly show that makes you wish you were cooped up during a snowdrift at Aidensfield.

That's it for Three Things Thursday this week! Drop me a line and let me know what you're reading, watching or listening to this week below or on any of my socials.