Around the world the dead have risen.

They're not too happy about it. 

Ronnie Hall is a full time fighter, part time sociopath. Having survived a plague that swept through the known world, she finds refuge with the last Uninfected sheltering from the night. But they seem full of hope, light, cheer, life...all things she thinks she's left behind.

She was alone before the Mist, she's alone now.

Even when she's surrounded by people. 

So when a new arrival turns up she could care less, until she meets him. Santangelo De Saviero is a full time Mob Boss, full time sociopath. He doesn't want anything to do with anyone, until he meets her. She thinks just the way he does.

 The result is a meeting of minds that should never have met. 

But are they a match made in Heaven or Hell?